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uh huh listen boy (to Persona)

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RT @excujimehello: someone leaked this photo of tae touching a fan's face. so jealous. #KeepYourHairLongTaehyung https://t.co/5FlQaJXqCd

#hereandqueer Hi. I’m not posting any photos of me so

RT @minahmohamad1: same old oldie lesbian <3 #hereandqueer https://t.co/XbaARphZWv

RT @lesbianyeezus: #hereandqueer third pic says it all

#ExcusesForNotGoingToWork My favorite artist came out with new music and I need to stream it.

RT @adorkableNcute: #ExcusesForNotGoingToWork Had to keep snuggling my fluffy buddies otherwise they would be cold and lonely https://t.co…

#IWantToBeRememberedAs A person.

RT @Ioonayyxy: #3YearsOfBadlands highkey best song on the album!

RT @lukewaltham: Congratulations @BTS_twt for winning Mwave Global Choice Award for Fake Love!!! I’m so glad that Fake Love is receiving th…

RT @radiodisney: Congrats to #BTS on winning Artist and Album of the year at #2018MAMA! @bts_bighit @BTS_twt #ThankYouBTS https://t.co/81Cv…

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