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Educator, Speaker, Author #STEAMMakers https://t.co/gNPIWh9gV7 Passion for #STEM #makered #makerspaces #literacy #STEAMMakerChat #WeTeachuN

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RT @mraspinall: Don't just teach kids how to count. Teach them what counts the most #satchat #sunchat http://t.co/7XPKPi2ZSk

RT @BrilldeRamirez: A6 Also at univ. Need to change & update materials, methods, activities on regular basis. #satchat https://t.co/RaW7

A3) Yes! #edtech is often the accelerator for student voice and choice. #satchat https://t.co/wgXEay3h9R

A5) Building student capacity for creativity and innovation is our job! #satchat https://t.co/b51a1UbmFe

Agreed! Kids come first. #edtech must be meaningful to students. #satchat https://t.co/zAyY2WPsMH

A5) Would love to try @voxer but not sure how to start. How do you find a good group to join?? #satchat

@msoskil Agreed! Twitter is the epitome of personalized learning chosen by each individual learner. #satchat

Love this idea @kerszi ! Will definitely try it. Thanks! #satchat https://t.co/21hBdRVGac

@bradmcurrie How are Ts held accountable for independent study time? Is there an end product or reflective piece? #satchat

Stages of Twitter- Wonder-Lurk-Try-Connect-Grow! #satchat

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