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life is an adventure, enjoy the ride. Make America SANE Again! Resist like your freedom depends upon it! Because IT DOES.

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RT @survivorcbs: The #SurvivorFinale is just hours away! RT if you'll be watching! https://t.co/DmZImLdNqR


The house will stay clean. #FakeBB19Rumors

I wore my pj bottoms to school....more than once. #IWasInARushSo

Chuck. Can't use the name Chuck when singing The Name Game. #TheDumbestFirstName

A slice of apple pie made by mom comes with every home run. #UnknownBaseballRules

All players must scratch their balls at least once. #UnknownBaseballRules

EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY! #UnknownBaseballRules

From shock. No Kanye posts today. #WhyTwitterCrashed

THE FUCK IT LIST.#ReallyLazyMovies

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